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School Clubs

Dancekids provide Breakfast, Lunch and After School Clubs for children of all ages.

Dancekids encourages young people to be active. We provide high quality dance experiences, along with exciting methods to inspire and challenge young people.

Clubs are an ideal activity session for kids and teenagers alike. Classes can be set to pop music and choreographed in the “Street Jazz” style of MTV and dance music videos, or follow a more formal syllabus of modern, jazz or tap dance.

Our aim is to help children develop their full potential through positive, social, emotional, physical and intellectual experiences, by providing a stable, secure and relaxed environment where parents and carers feel satisfied to leave their children.

Classes are suitable for boys and girls. Please contact us for further information.

And a chance to perform...

Performances are regularly scheduled for schools as part of Assemblies, Summer Fairs, PTA and Community Events. They can be a huge confidence boost and give the students a great sense of achievement as well as being great fun!

We are also registered with Sainsbury’s Active Kids to provide dance sessions as a reward for vouchers. Check with your School Sports Coordinator or Active Kids agent for coverage in your school’s area.


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“Dancekids is a fun, enjoyable experience! And a really good way to exercise. I have had an amazing time here at Dancekids! I love it! I’ve learnt some really awesome dance moves and now I’m able to show them off to my mates, I can add my own kind of actions and movements to the dance! I can use the moves I have learnt and then put them in my own routines. It is the best dance club I’ve really ever been to, and I could not have enjoyed myself more!”

Frankie, Year 6 - St John’s School Caterham